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Exclusive preview of River to River Indian Film Festival 2015

Interview with Selvaggia Velo, Festival Director
by Alexandra Korey (issue no. 215/2015 / October 1, 2015)
  The 15th annual edition of the Florence River to River Indian Film Festival will take place from December 5-10, 2015. To make it even better than usual, the Festival has launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogo, allowing film buffs to reserve their …

A new adventure for a Medici villa

Villa Medicea di Lilliano
by Helen Farrell (issue no. 214/2015 / September 10, 2015)
Just 15 minutes from Florence, nestled among its own olive groves and vineyards, stands a wine estate  with a difference. Villa Medicea di Lilliano, Wine Estate began life in the eleventh century as a watch tower, served as a Medici residence …

Interview with Federico Scavo

Tuscany's internationally renowned DJ
by Michelle Davis (issue no. 213/2015 / July 16, 2015)
On a hot summer morning, I met up with internationally renowned DJ/producer Federico Scavo. Born and bred in the Tuscan town of Fucecchio, Scavo showed talent from an early age as a self-taught musician, composer and beat-maker. He now travels around …

Interview with Monique Mizrahi

Multi-instrumentalist to perform at Easy Living-Spiaggetta Sull'Arno
by Michelle Davis (issue no. 213/2015 / July 16, 2015)
  Folk multi-instrumentalist Monique Mizrahi is a rare bird. A 'Honeybird' to be exact, since this is the name of her solo music project. After living in Italy for over a decade, Monique headed back to the United States with her faithful …
Jane Fortune Mosaics

Michael Palin and Artemisia

Britain's "Nicest Man" tracks Italy's most controversial woman artist
by Jane Fortune (issue no. 211/2015 / May 28, 2015)
  The Florentine’s culture editor Jane Fortune recently met with Michael Palin when he interviewed her for his upcoming BBC art documentary on Baroque master Artemisia Gentileschi. Since then, Jane swears that the media has done right by christening Palin ‘Britain’s Nicest …

The market maker

Umberto Montano, Mercato Centrale Firenze
by Helen Farrell (issue no. 210/2015 / April 30, 2015)
A year after the opening of Florence’s most popular market space, Mercato Centrale Firenze, The Florentine, always happy to spend time in a place brimming with food, life and laughter, had a chat with the man behind the market. Restaurateur of …

The inside story on the "Embrace the Baptistery" fundraising campaign

Talking with Franco Lucchesi, president of Opera del Duomo
by Helen Farrell & Giovanni Giusti (issue no. 209/2015 / April 2, 2015)
With a major exhibition currently at New York’s Museum of Biblical Art, an awareness campaign under way to restore the Baptistery and the imminent reopening of the Opera del Duomo museum this October after extensive renovation, there’s a wave of energy …

Exclusive interview with Celluloid Jam

Emerging Florentine band talks glitter, genre-bending and global ambitions
by Carlotta Nucci (issue no. 209/2015 / April 2, 2015)
Buzz is building around Florentine band Celluloid Jam, a full-blown artistic collective set to release their first EP with White Forest Records. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to meet up with my friends Jerro, synth magician and composer, Cate, retro-glam …

Interview with John Hooper

Author of The Italians, journalist for the Economist and the Guardian
by Helen Farrell & Alexandra Korey (issue no. 209/2015 / April 2, 2015)
On his recent visit to Florence to promote his new book, The Italians, The Florentine had the pleasure of chatting with John Hooper. Southern Europe editor of the Guardian and Italy and Vatican correspondent for the Economist, Hooper’s many years of …
Economy + Society

Meet the president of Florence's Chamber of Commerce

TF talks with Leonardo Bassilichi
by Helen Farrell & Giovanni Giusti (issue no. 208/2015 / March 5, 2015)
With Expo 2015 in nearby Milan and myriad other international events, such as the Flora Firenze flower show in May and Pope Francis’ visit in November, this is a year of opportunity for Tuscan businesses. The Florentine spoke with Leonardo Bassilichi, …

Coffee with Louise Holm Ferragamo

by Helen Farrell (issue no. 207/2015 / February 5, 2015)
On a crisp day, The Florentine had the pleasure of chatting with Louise Holm Ferragamo in the discreet ambience of Caffè dell’Oro along lungarno degli Acciaiuoli. As the winter rays streamed in through the windows, Louise explained what brought her to …

Loving the centenarian

The British Institute's director looks towards its second century
by Martin Holman (issue no. 199/2014 / May 8, 2014)
As the Institute approaches its centenary in 2017, The Florentine meets Julia Race, director since last August, to explore the opportunities and challenges of being 100 years young in the era of online learning, virtual travel and widespread cultural tourism.   Martin Holman: …

An interview with Riccardo Maccolini

President of Club Tornabuoni at Palazzo Tornabuoni
by Helen Farrell (issue no. 194/2013 / December 12, 2013)
A feeling of togetherness and tranquillity pervades Palazzo Tornabuoni the moment you step inside off the busy thoroughfare of via degli Strozzi. I spoke with Riccardo Maccolini, who recently became the president of private residence Club Tornabuoni, returning home to Florence …

Meeting Betty Soldi

A Florentine expat comes home
by Alexandra Lawrence (issue no. 194/2013 / December 12, 2013)
Betty Soldi’s mother was sure of one thing: her little girls were not going into the family business of making fireworks. Not just any old family company, the Pirotecnica Soldi had been producing handmade fireworks since 1869, even the display for …
Food + Wine

An interview with Vito Mollica

Michelin-starred chef at the Four Seasons Florence
by Helen Farrell & Sofie Delauw (issue no. 193/2013 / November 21, 2013)
Walking into the sumptuous surroundings of Palazzo della Gherardesca is always a soothing and pleasurable experience, but it is all the more so when one is about to meet the Four Seasons Florence’s Michelin-starred chef, Vito Mollica. Modest in his success …

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